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2023 Physician Coding Book Bundle One

Physician Coding Book Bundle One is a spiral format coding package. This discount medical coding book bundle for physicians includes CPT Professional 2023, and ICD-10-CM 2023: The Complete Official Code Book.

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  • Edition: 2023
  • Format: 8.5" x 11" Spiral, Spiral Coding Bundle
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Physician Bundle One includes the following AMA books:

Books included in discount medical coding book bundle will ship upon availability as indicated below:

EP054123 - CPT 2023 Professional Spiral - In Stock

CPT 2023 Professional Edition is the definitive AMA authored resource to help health care professionals correctly report and bill medical procedures and services. The AMA publishes the only CPT code book with the official CPT guidelines.

New for 2023! The CPT Professional now includes AMA's latest publication, the CPT E/M Companion 2023, a $29.95 value. You can learn more about the CPT E/M Companion 2023 here.

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OP201423 - ICD-10-CM 2023: The Complete Official Code Book - In Stock

Guidelines will be bound into this book. This code book provides the complete code set for diagnostic coding. All 22 chapters have been organized to provide quick and simple navigation of the text in order to facilitate accurate diagnostic coding. The ICD-10-CM code book contains indexes to diseases, injuries and external causes.

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