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CPT E/M Companion 2023

Brand new publication from AMA! CPT E/M Companion 2023 is designed to help coders understand changes to certain evaluation and management (E/M) services, how to report these new and revised or consolidated codes, and more.

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  • Edition: 2023
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Detailed review of E/M code changes, along with key practical coding and reporting considerations.

The CPT E/M Companion 2023 is the definitive AMA-authored supplement reference guide to accompany the Current Procedural Terminology CPT 2023 Professional Edition.

CPT E/M Companion 2023 is intended to help users understand and navigate the 2023 E/M revisions that have been made across numerous service groups, namely inpatient and observation care services; consultations services; emergency department services; nursing facility services; home and residence services; and prolonged services.

To enable consistency with the 2021 revisions to the E/M office and other outpatient codes, the 2023 E/M changes will provide users with a streamlined set of E/M guidelines that apply across multiple sites of service; revisions to code descriptors that reflect the structure approved in the office visit revisions; and a uniform Medical Decision Making (MDM) table for all the sites of services noted, as well as office or other outpatient visits.

This AMA-authored publication is designed with intermediate users in mind. Therefore, this publication’s content is written and organized in a manner that will make sense to all intermediate users familiar with the E/M section of the CPT code set. To conserve space and to maximize the value-added content, this publication does not reproduce most of the tables or guidelines in the CPT 2023 Professional Edition.

Key features and benefits of this E/M coding guide:

CPT E/M Companion 2023 is designed to help users understand the changes to certain evaluation and management (E/M) services; how to report these new and revised or consolidated codes; and how to apply the revised and new guidelines effective Jan 1, 2023. Get a detailed review of the changes, along with key practical coding and reporting considerations to support correct use of these new and revised codes, are included in this supplement.

This new E/M code book is divided into six chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Inpatient and observation care services
  • Chapter 2: Consultations
  • Chapter 3: Emergency department services
  • Chapter 4: Nursing facility services
  • Chapter 5: Home and residence services
  • Chapter 6: Prolonged services
Each chapter will cover the following evaluation and management topics:
  • Changes for the affected services, including guideline changes
  • Code group consolidations and/or deletions
  • Reporting considerations

In addition to the CPT E/M Companion 2023, the AMA has also created a special section for E/M 2023 in the CPT Knowledge Base. For more information on this you can go to:

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