ICD-10-PCS Professional 2024 eBook

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Optum 360’s new ebook version of ICD-10-PCS! Official code book sets the standard for coding accuracy for inpatient procedures. Features include color-coding and symbols for Medicare Code Edits, body part illustrations, and root operation tables.

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  • Item# PEITP24
  • Edition: 2024
  • Format: eBook (Online)
  • ISBN#: 978-1-62254-890-3
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The complete 2024 ICD-10-PCS code set in eBook format.

The ICD-10-PCS Professional 2024 eBook is Optum360’s original softbound version of ICD-10-PCS with the complete code set and all of the supplementary appendixes required for reporting of inpatient procedures. In addition, you will find the familiar Optum coding and reimbursement alerts you have come to rely upon including the Medicare Code Edits (MCE) for the ICD-10 MS-DRG reimbursement system.

Intuitively organized into sections of code tables and supplementary definitions tables and device and body part keys, the Optum ICD-10-PCS codebook sets the standard for coding accuracy, which is the cornerstone of healthcare analytics and revenue cycle management.

Exclusive Optum Edge features found in this ICD10PCS code eBook:

  • Optum360 Edge — Includes Optum360’s hallmark color-coding and symbols identifying ICD-10 MS-DRG MCEs for non-covered procedures, limited coverage procedures, combination only procedures, non-operating room procedures affecting MS-DRG assignment, non-operating room procedures NOT affecting MS-DRG assignment, hospital acquired condition (HAC) related procedures, and new technology add-on payment (NTAP).

Additional features and benefits of ICD-10-PCS Professional eBook include:

  • Approach illustrations. The approach illustrations show components that determine the approach, including access location, method, and instrumentation.
  • Body part definitions included in root operation tables. All terms listed in the body part definition appendix are included in the root operation tables for the Medical/Surgical section eliminating the need to reference the appendixes when selecting the correct body part value.
  • Illustrations. Illustrations of body parts with body part values accompany the Character Meaning tables in the Medical/Surgical section.
  • Procedure combination tables. Identify ICD-10-PCS code combination requirements needed to satisfy certain MS-DRG requirements.
  • Product Updates. Code changes and updates will be made available online.